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Buena’s Demske Contest

From Left to Right: Kristina Throckmonton, Andres Martinez, Michalea Berkowitz, Savanna Phonvilay, Andrea Felix, Marcus Branch, Shea Bremer, Rachel Zaffina, Beth Miller, Hallie Talbott, Reginald Whigham, Charlotte Bretz, Sarah Thompson, Valentina Garces, Samarah Martin, Gaby Garcia, Karin Childress. Photographer/ Alondra Negrete

 Annual writing contest is here for its 50th year

Marking the 50th anniversary of the annual literature Pawprint Demske Contest, this year’s staff is ready to showcase the school’s talented student body through the works of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction pieces. This year’s issue include art as usual,and will also feature photography that students submit. For this upcoming Pawprint, the theme chosen was “movies.” The chosen winners of each category will receive a cash prize ranging from $10 to $50 dollars.

English teacher Amie Lyans will not be running the Demske Literature Contest as she had previously these past years, as this is her last year teaching at Buena High School. Lyans has stepped down from her position, passing the role to English teacher Karin Childress.

Childress is enthusiastic about her new role. “I’m really excited about it. When I majored in English, what I focused on was creative writing, and I find it very exciting to be part of collecting student writing, and gathering it together; putting it in an actual publication of student work,” she said.

Childress wishes to see students participate in the Demske Contest in hopes that not only will their work be put into the publication, but it will help students overcome their fears of having other individuals read their work. She wants to encourage students who want to participate to “just write, get something out there, write something down if you got some thoughts, or maybe you have something that you’ve written and you can just polish it up. Be bold, be brave, get it out there.”



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