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Buena’s annual Fall Rally


On Oct. 24, Buena High School ASB hosted a rally to get students excited for the cross-town rivalry game between Buena and Ventura High School. During the rally, the cheer and dance team performed with two outstanding routines that dazzled the audience. As it was the first big performance for the dance team, they wore white masks to give off a spooky vibe for Halloween. We also got a surprise dance from our mascot Spike. Senior Trinity Mendoza said, “My favorite part was the dance team.” MCing the rally were seniors Robert Buckley and Samantha Martinez

   When preparing for the rally, Martinez says, “we looked over the script and basically figured out what we want to keep and what could make it better,” making sure that the whole goal of the rally was met by appreciating the ongoing sports. 

 During the rally, games were being played, such as the point game, a human version of Hungry Hungry Hippos and a relay in which you had to remove all tissues from a box, then walk across the basketball court with a spoon in your mouth, balancing a ping pong ball, and then suck on a straw to move beads from bowl to bowl. The audience became very intense during this time, especially the seniors. 

   Senior Ella Maul-Latham expressed frustration that people weren’t sitting in their graduating class. Maul-Latham said, “Why were the lower classmen in the senior section?” Many students agreed that students should have sat with their classes and thought it would’ve been more competitive if everyone sat with their grade. 

   In the end, the rally got all students and staff excited about the rivalry game. While more could have been done to make the rally more competitive in different ways but yet still make it very entertaining. Buena’s spirit raised throughout the week and got the student body hyped for the game.  


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