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Buena High School staff considers seven-period day


Currently, Buena High School’s staff is exploring the implementation of a seven-period day for the 2019-20 school year. With the news of this, rumors have swirled but here’s what students and staff need to know.

  • School would start at 7:30 a.m. and end at 3:29 p.m..
  • There would no longer be a zero period.
  • Buses would arrive at school before first period and pick up after seventh period.
  • Students would only have to take six classes, but could take seven periods if they want.
  • Students with a six-period day would either have first period off or seventh period.
  • There won’t be any new classes offered — current classes will be spread throughout the day for more scheduling flexibility and options.
  • Teachers would only have to teach five periods.
  • Sports will be held seventh period.
  • Each year staff member will have the opportunity to evaluate the schedule and to vote on whether to keep, change, or remove the schedule.

The Voting Process:

Classified and certificated staff agreed to explore the seven-period day earlier this month, and the School Site Council then approved the proposal. Students and parents will be surveyed the week of November 19. Once the Ventura Unified School District Steering Committee has approved the proposal, Buena’s faculty and staff will vote on December 17-19. A two-thirds majority will be required for the new schedule to pass.

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