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Buena, Foothill and Ventura High Schools join together to fight for gun control


Students at Buena High School left their classes at approximately 10 a.m. on Friday, April 20, and left campus around 10 minutes later. They met up with Foothill High School students at Ventura College, before continuing their march to City Hall. All together the walk was upwards of an hour.

Prior to the event several students from Buena passed out and hung up bright orange flyers and created an Instagram page, @studentsinventura, to help spread the word on the walkout. The owner of the Instagram account, @studentsinventura is Rebecca Reeder, a Buena senior. Each poster provided the necessary information to join, and claimed the event was not a “ban guns” march.

The event received support from Buena faculty, with no additional consequences other than an unexcused absence. Students were also accompanied with a police escort all the way from Buena to City Hall. Along the way, several community members were handing out water bottles and snacks.

Frank Davis, assistant principal, believes the students clearly got their statement across. “The number of students that participated demonstrated that’s it obviously a concern for a large number of the kids. We had about 75 kids do it,” said Davis.

When students arrived at City Hall, music and free pizza was waiting for those who participated, with a microphone setup for speeches.

While no Buena student spoke at this event, students from Ventura High School and a few city council members spoke, including Erik Nasarenko and Cheryl Heitmann. Senator Hannah Beth Jackson and Assembly Member Monique Limón from District 37 also took their turn at the podium.

Each speaker spoke of their excitement and support for the event; with the actual event receiving no evident resistance.

“I actually expected less at the start but I was a little disappointed when the crowd died down during the speeches. I wish Buena [students] would have had the chance to speak, because we have some great speakers in our group,” said Reeder.

With the walkout over, the social media group is planning on continuing to fight for gun legislation.“Right now we want to find more of the underclass students to get involved as well as encouraging seniors to vote,” said Reeder.

Students can stay tuned through @studentsinventura on Instagram to learn more about participating in future events.



Gun Legislations in California

  1. As of 2018 assault weapons aren’t allowed to be purchased, including some AR-15 rifles.
  2. A permit is required to carry a concealed gun in public.
  3. Cannot directly mail ammunition to homes, has to be to a licensed vendor.
  4. Background checks for ammunition will start July 2019.
  5. Cannot import ammunition over state lines.
  6. Required background check for all gun purchases, even at gun shows and from non-commercial vendors.



  1. dang. (; (not a winky face, but a tear) because this article hit deep and awoke something in me. It awoke deep-rooted emotions that were buried inside. This article not only deserves a Pulitzer Prize but all literary writing pieces because it was just that good.


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