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Brandon Rice, ready to kick off his sophomore year

Isaac Anderson/ Photographer

Freshman Brandon Rice enjoys playing football for Buena High School. Rice would like to pursue a career in engineering, so his university of choice is Cal Poly. A few reasons why he wants to go to Cal Poly University is that he heard good things about the college it is closer to home and his mom wants him to go there. His dad got him into engineering because Rice and his dad would do work on his truck all the time. On his free time he enjoys talking and hanging out with his friends. He is on the Frosh/Soph team for football and next year he will play for the soccer team. His least favorite subject is English. When he is at home he likes to work out and stay in shape.                   

Logan Cattanach has known Rice for about nine years. He thinks of Rice as uplifting and always there for him when he needs him and he is very smart and really nice Logan says. They first met at a summer camp for school and that’s how they were ever since. They went to Balboa together and they would ride their bikes to school every day. They have math class together and Rice would help Logan with test and other assignments. Anthony Gose has known Rice for about six years. They first met in elementary school and they both went to the same school. They have hung out a few times out of school but they have really tight schedules because of sports and jobs so they don’t really hang out outside of school. Anthony says Rice is a great student and gets straight A`s They have biology and English class together. Anthony thinks Rice is very trustworthy, honest, outgoing and all around a great friend. And is very self-motivated and doesn’t have any social media.


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