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Branden Gill, an artist and athlete

Beth Miller/ Photographer

Branden Gill, a Buena High School sophomore, has pushed himself both inside and outside the classroom his first two years of high school. Initially, Gill said he wasn’t keen on being part of the Bulldog Nation, but once his freshman year started he was singing a different song. “I’m glad I’m here… Here, you’ve got all kinds of people. Nobody cares… It’s more socially diverse,” he said.

After officially becoming a Buena Bulldog last year, Gill decided to continue a long-term passion of his here at Buena: water polo. Gill began the sport in the fourth grade when his new neighbor introduced him to the game. Gill had first tried a plethora of activities ranging from sports to martial arts, but in the end he decided that water polo was right for him. Gill says the biggest lesson he’s learned from water polo is“how to persevere. It gets really hard and you just want to quit, but you have to keep going.”

When Gill isn’t in the pool he liked to draw, play video games and hang out with his friends. He is a self-taught artist and enjoys drawing because it allows him to be creative. He even uses his own shoes as a canvas, drawing and coloring them his own style, “If you got white shoes, hit me up cause I’ll draw on them…  just throw them at me and I’ll do something with them.” In the future, Gill’s dream job would utilize his artistic talents.

Through the last two years Gill has expanded his horizons by also joining Buena’s Mock Trial team as well as a new uprising club, Dungeons and Dragons.

Brandon Santos, also a sophomore, has been friends with Gill for the last seven years and describes Gill as funny and smart. “You give him a piece of paper with anything on it and he’ll do it,” said Santos. Gill is also known to be a positive influence on other around campus. Even in elementary school, Santos says that Gill “made everybody smile.”

Senior Michael Andrews met Gill six years ago when they did jiu-jitsu together; Later on they both took up water polo becoming even closer friends. According to Andrews, Gill is very caring and always has something nice to say. Andrews expects great things from Gill saying, “I expect him to succeed in anything he puts his mind to because he’s got a work ethic like no other.”


“Here, you’ve got all kinds of people. Like nobody cares… It’s more socially diverse.”

“I’m glad I’m here… here there are a lot of people who are just themselves, like there’s a lot of weird people, but that’s okay because weird people are being themselves and they’re being weird… It’s more socially diverse.”


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