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Boys Soccer ends their season with a tie


As the Boys Soccer season comes to an end, the team did not exceed their expectations, but did have a good overall performance. According to varsity coach Forrest Sollis, the biggest thing the team wants to improve on is their execution, Sollis said, “My goal as the head coach was to improve on the soccer IQ of the team. Soccer is like a constant game of moving chess with not a whole lot of time to think about the decisions you are making.” 

   Two players that stuck out and had overall strong performances according to sollis are; Junior Braden Stevenson and senior Christian Catano. 

   “Braden Stevenson was one of the best center backs Buena has ever seen in my opinion. When I first became assistant coach under Shaun Strople three years ago, Braden was a sophomore, he worked harder than anyone on the field at the time and consistently asked for ways he could improve.” said Sollis.   When asked about who his most influential player was he replied with, “Christian Catano, the most influential player on the field for the fact that the defensive midfielder position is the only position in which he can pass the ball to anyone on the team. 

       Stevenson said, “Something I can definitely work on is working hard in the off season and staying in shape, Communication and leadership are my big things, I’ve been on varsity since I was a sophomore.” 

   “My team can improve on some overall sense of commitment, like everybody showing up on every practice, even on weekends.” Stevenson said.

   On February 4th the team tied with Ventura 0-0, and finished their season with 3 wins, 11 losses, and 9 ties for varsity. 2 wins, 6 losses, and 2 ties in the overall league. So even though the team did not exceed their expectations, they learned to push over those obstacles and finish their season.


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