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Blaze Pizza fires up Ventura


    A new Blaze Pizza opened in Ventura on Telephone Rd. and it has become quite a hit amongst locals. Recently in Ventura the well-known chain pizza restaurant, Blaze Pizza, has opened in another location closer to Buena since the other location is on W Esplanade Dr in Oxnard. 

  This new restaurant, similar to the one in Oxnard, has a modern, industrial open concept. The outside wall where the entrance is has a wooden panel design which gives off a rustic feel. Following the rustic theme, on the outside is a large patio area with seating and lights hanging across the whole area, providing plenty of light for those dining at night. 

   Regarding the food options, the menu has an array of options for everyone, no matter the situation. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. They have a plethora of options including vegan cheese and vegan chorizo. In addition to many cheese options they have plenty of dough options: keto, cauliflower, gluten-free, and regular. They also have a diverse selection of toppings with no extra charge and four salad options, desserts and an array of drinks to choose from including fresh lemonade options. 

   Although they do have set pizza options on the menu, their build your own pizza is a personal favorite as well as popular item. The pizza comes in two sizes, 11 inches and large which is more of a family size. 

    I went in the last afternoon and it was fairly busy but the pizza only took about 10 minutes, while the ordering process was smooth thanks to the quick work of the friendly staff. My order consisted of the cauliflower crust, vegan cheese, spinach, mushrooms, baby tomatoes and jalapenos and for a drink I ordered water. 

   The low carb cauliflower crust option was delicious and the pizza was cooked to perfection with just enough crunch. Since vegan cheese can sometimes be a hit or miss, in this case it was a hit and was melted nicely. 

   Although the price varies depending on if you get a set order, your crust of choice, and size it is fairly inexpensive and very filling. 

   All in all, I would give this restaurant a 5 out of 5, since they are both inclusive for most dietary needs and are all around healthy and delicious. 


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