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Natalie Ramirez Receives VUSD Student of the Year Award


After much debate and nominations, this year’s Student of the Year district award was announced Nov. 18, 2019 and presented to unexpecting Natalie Ramirez at the 2019 Poinsettia Awards on Dec. 5, 2019. The Student of the Year award is meant to recognize outstanding achievement from people who truly make a difference in our community. 

   When Ramirez was informed that she had been nominated for the 2019 VUSD Student of the Year Award she was shocked, and even more so when she learned she had been selected to receive the award. She did not know she was even being considered as a nominee. To her this award meant that “everything I’ve done throughout high school has actually mattered.” 

   Bobbi Powers, who was the final decision in the nomination process for Buena students, is extremely proud of Ramirez. She feels that “there are a lot of kids on this campus and Natalie Ramirez is one of many who represent the best in Buena.” 

   Her biggest influence and motivation was, and still remains to be, her loving grandma. Ramirez’s grandma has pushed her past her limits, so that she could lead a “better life” than her grandmother had. 

   Ramirez takes part in many challenging courses at Buena such as AP Biology, Spanish 4, ERWC, and Calculus AB. Micheal Stewart, who has taught her previously and is currently her AP Calculus teacher, is “really proud of her, [as he has seen her] grow with confidence in herself.”

   As her zero period, she takes part in AVID where she learns to stay organized and on top of her work. After school, she spends time in the AVID and CSF clubs here on campus when she is not busy. She also has earned her way into a CNAP, or a Certified Nursing Assistant Program, which uses a selective process to approve a limited number of members. 

   As Ramirez envisions her life after graduation, she sees herself going to a four year university and obtaining her BSN, or her bachelors of science in nursing. 

   According to Ramirez, in order to succeed, not only in academics, but in anything you do, you must “not slack off [or] stop doing what you are doing”, and always “do things for you”.  


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